Resume Advice for French Fur Trappers

We’ve all been there. The corporate drones that run your fur trading outpost are downsizing and your job is on the chopping block. Maybe you always specialized in tanning hide, but now you’re being asked to gut and skin too, and for the same pay. Perhaps your new riverboat captain made your job less fun than it used to be and you pushed him overboard where he surely met his icy demise. Either way, it’s time to spruce up that resume.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you want to be taken seriously, your resume should be neat, spellchecked, and completely blood-free. You might think a spot of beaver’s blood on the corner of your resume is no big deal. Maybe you’re even tempted to pen the entire resume in the blood of a rival to demonstrate your tenacity. But nothing turns off potential employers more than a blood-soaked document.

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